Many of you have already seen the heartfelt Facebook posts about Lacey Bingham. Our dear Lacey tragically passed away in a car accident last weekend. There are no words that can accurately convey what we all are feeling right now. This has been an incredibly difficult time for her family, friends, and fellow SPAC board members. 

Lacey was involved in many film and theatre projects recently. She directed two one-act plays (and also starred in one) in SPAC's ROY G BIV one-act play festival. She was Mother Nature in SPAC's recent film, EXTINCT The Trilogy. She knocked her portrayal of Fonsia Dorsey, the gin-winning senior citizen, out of the park in SPAC's production of THE GIN GAME! Additionally, she had been involved in several film projects recently. 

On this Thanksgiving Day 2023, we give thanks for those people and things in our lives. We give thanks for knowing such a loving person, our dear Lacey, and we dedicate this Thanksgiving Day 2023 to her. We will always love you. 

Sandia Performing Arts Company is proud to announce their production of TACOS RICOS will be presented at the National Hispanic Cultural Center March 6-10 and March 14-17, 2024! This hilarious musical production was written by Ruben Muller.

Please stay tuned for more information, including audition dates. 

Sandia Performing Arts Company proudly presents their next production: 

  The Gin Game

Starring Ruben Muller as Weller Martin and Lacey Bingham as Fonsia Dorsey. Directed by Kathleen Welker. 

(some strong language)

Sandia Performing Arts Company presents EXTINCT The Trilogy written and directed by Ruben Muller! This 15 minute movie stars James Pinkston, Katheen Welker, Julie Nelson, and Lacey Bingham. Filmed at Studio 519, the editing and special effects were done by Tim Nenninger of Timbojo Productions. Link to the film:

Reasons and Roy G Biv have been live streaming on Cable Access Channel 27. Channel 27 can be seen on Comcast, or at the link below. 

Check the Broadcast Schedule  at the above link to find when 

Reasons or Roy G Biv are being broadcast!

New Voices • New Mexico is designed to support emerging screenwriters from New Mexico as they develop feature film or television scripts. Details about the three-part program can be found here.

Rosalie's Magic Rocks

SPAC premiered Rosalie's Magic Rocks at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in 2019. It is now going to be the centerpiece of a children's theatre workshop in Ruidoso, NM. 

SPAC is proud that Ruben Muller's play will be part of introducing children to theater through the Lincoln County Community Theatre Workshop For Kids.