Past Productions

Please check out this video recording of TACOS RICOS that was performed at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in March!

Sandia Performing Arts Company, in conjunction with The National Hispanic Cultural Center, presented TACOS RICOS by Ruben Muller March 8-10 and 15-17, 2024. Mix together a competition between three taco trucks, a lovelorn security guard, and beings from another world and you have TACOS RICOS! It was directed by Kathleen Welker, and featured the following cast and crew:

Stage Manager – Jeremy Levin 

Musician – Vivian Fernandez

Set - Blake Starr

Costumes – Rhonda Backinoff                                                

Props – Tim Maxwell/Julie Nelson 

Publicity – Julie Nelson

Tickets – Kathlyn Williams

MY OH MY – Ludwig Puchmayer                                           

RICO – Jesus Banuelos                                                            

LOPEZ – Daniel Lucero                                                            

RUBY – Beatrice Villegas                                                         

ABUELO – Ruben Muller                                                                                                                          

JUANITA – Maria Herrera 

OFFICER - Tim Maxwell

LUPE - Joshua Neustadter

RITA - Frida Mercury

RHODA - Joelle Yann

CAR - Alyssa Apodaca

DOR - Mike Rector

RUDOLFO - Daniel Cruz                                                                                                                               

Sandia Performing Arts Company proudly presented 


July 21, 22, 23 and July 28, 28, 30,  2023 at the North Fourth Theatre. It featured Ruben Muller as Weller Martin and Lacey Bingham as Fonsia Dorsey. It was directed by Kathleen Welker. Sandia Performing Arts Company would like to thank all those who attended and those who assisted with this production!

Sandia Performing Arts Company presents EXTINCT The Trilogy written and directed by Ruben Muller! This 15 minute movie stars James Pinkston, Katheen Welker, Julie Nelson, and Lacey Bingham. Filmed at Studio 519, the editing and special effects were done by Tim Nenninger of Timbojo Productions. Link to the film:

Roy G Biv

Our Short Play Festival was a success! It consisted of 7 plays and a pre-show monologue that were premiered in March of 2022 at the Black Cat Cultural Center. It is currently being broadcast on Public Access Channel 27.

Guilt by Rhonda Backinoff

Sandia Performing Arts Company 

National Hispanic Cultural Center

Reasons is a filmed production written and directed by Ruben Muller, and filmed at Studio 519. It is about a dysfunctional Hispanic family having to deal with alcoholism, PTSD, emotional and physical abuse, and poverty.  We had a screening at NHCC in August 2021. Reasons is now being broadcast on Public Access Channel 27.